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Big Server Changes for Longer Life Time

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We decide make few server changes to increase life time of server even more last server we reached 2 months by banning all players who used bot and by updating our economy system so prices will be cheaper for long time so new players always have a chance to catch old players.


What new change gonna be on l2destiny?

a) SOA will be closed for 2 weeks . Many Bot users & adena sellers using this spot to farm adena fast and other items like vesp,attri stones etc. Like this server economy progress too fast.Also many CPs(Constant parties) farming vesper and gears too fast with the help of this spot and again they progress faster than other players who playing solo etc.

b)Hard Freya will be closed for 1 Week but we boost the rates and drop rate of it. Reason is elegia should be on late game if players have elegia set by first 2 weeks looking very bad  for new players who joining and try catch up old players.



Balance changes

a)Soulhound nerf 10% pvp dmg /Soul of pain nerf losing target 15% 

b)Hero weapons fixed the stats will work how should be

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