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  1. TITAN

    I agree with everythink, except for greater healing talisman. It was broken before, as it gave 1000%, while on official it gave 1000 hp more (just like cardinal skill called "divine power").
  2. Domi debuff

    OL debuffs were long time ago nerfed on these files. It's logical, as there are MP pots, and OL has big enought impact on PvP, but it also applies to mobs, which have like 5-10% chance to get debuffed, which makes OL useless at farm except when there is PvP.
  3. Epics

    We're on a mid rate. People don't want to no-life to have fun, and epics are one of the best thinks about L2. I also thought it could be a good idea, but it would be boring, if 3 pts would farm antharas in the middle of the night, because other clans could manage to get only 1 pt. And the fun part is, that those 3 PTs would probably be from top clans, so it wouldn't change anythink, except that there would be less activity.
  4. reborn some classes

    It's not, that titans suck in here. It's just, that they're not needed for pretty much anythink. Titans have no role in mass pvp, compared to mages(crowd control), archers (kiting), duelists (dmg), frontline (aoe cancel) etc. While Titan at 1 vs 1 with turned on zealot and guts/frenzy can melt pretty much everyone. At olympiad good titan can easily have 500 pts.
  5. Server rates

    Exp rate don't matter. The only think that matters is drop/spoil rate.
  6. Problem with spoil

    Most probably rates for spoiling keymats at beast farm are not boosted like in SoA or MoS, as it's spoil rate is high enought.