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  1. whoisthatpokemon

    oO this is the best gladi on server he cant kill me after few hours on server when i be bp in a grade on 80lvl and hes already have vespers duals and he cry alot about it blocked me and cry in pm about my set +6 full attri etc trashhh gladi in l2 world sad storki
  2. How many servers more?

    sex is easy..sex is funny..many ppl fuck for money..if u want to save your money..fuck yourself and save your money..peace and love dude train your skillz with camera bcs i wanna be famous <3
  3. How many servers more?

    Do it..and if it will be perfect video i will nominated u for Oscars in 2k19 for best movie of the years ✌️
  4. How many servers more?

    its not my problem u dont have friends in game who want farm with u...sad storki <3
  5. How many servers more?

    tell me how i can setup 2gladies one spoil and 2 bp from one client..tell me dude try to use skill on 2 windows in same time..and if u can we can talk try it and then talk ....
  6. How many servers more?

    and if it was all my bots, why all others chars is still in game and only me write from mobile? tell me..want to hear your storkies =)
  7. How many servers more?

    i am not done noobo only lost my connection from provider..wait till i take my net back and we can talk again about your trash dmg
  8. Grand Opening

    y it is...bcs some ppl have work ect..if u dont know that dude u are lucky guy =)
  9. Grand Opening

    on forum u have 12hours 36 min to start but on main page u have 11h 36 min..so whats right?
  10. Epics

    hmm interesting..maybe we can try this way =)