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  1. whoisthatpokemon

    Hunter's song, dance of warrior, dance of the vampire. Top gladi eu here i guess.. Wut a shame

    Админам поебать, они понимают, что серву неделю жить осталось
  3. admin even cares?

    Admin posted even on obt. There was announcment in chat like god client will be ready soon. Now u just trying to play dumb with me. Nice admins ;D 2 weeks dead server ;D
  4. admin even cares?

    Oh, now i see. All messages about god client now deleted from forum. WP admins. Nvm Wut's about hard freya? 2 weeks closed? 16 days server uptime. Where's hf?
  5. whoisthatpokemon

    4e za razborka bomjey?
  6. admin even cares?

    So, why hard freya still closed? Wheres promised GOD client? Why 90% server's online are phantoms and adrenaline users? And question to community: Wheres big war? Where dat 150+ members clans playing? Against drakos?
  7. GOD client

    @admin So where is the promised link?
  8. attr??

  9. Open Beta is now ONLINE!

    Access failed. Server is in GM-Only Mode.