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  1. old bots

    i think you need give privelegies in players for jail
  2. old bots

    why you mot banned all accounts?
  3. old bots

    admin i give this bots nicknames he not banned??? tony ,margaret,cold ,vac, tenny, ponce ,tuberkulez, tenny, cdroma, 144bpm ,kombikorm, diromaha ,sdelaykrasivo ,inavodiporyadok, irl ,dyadyaborya. Shot00026.bmp Shot00027.bmp Shot00028.bmp Shot00029.bmp Shot00030.bmp Shot00031.bmp Shot00032.bmp Shot00033.bmp Rep00005.l2r Rep00006.l2r
  4. BOT sod

    alta pajiloy roja endit gnnr
  5. BOT sod

    it is same bot driver in russian say tome not hard again exp characters for bot driving
  6. BOT sod

    again bots Rep00004.l2r Shot00017.bmp Shot00019.bmp
  7. Bot in SOA

    koroxd bpm bpm144
  8. Bot in SOA

    koroxd bpm bpm144
  9. Bot in SOA

    he russian and translate (make theme on forum because admin not watching forum )
  10. Bot in SOA

  11. Bot in SOA

    Admin look replay Rep00003.l2r