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  1. PM Chat

    RagnarLodbrok. This problem on my all characters,not only one
  2. PM Chat

    maybe you can off this ban chat ?!
  3. PM Chat

    Lol. Never sell adena and boting and i take chat ban ? really? NICE!
  4. PM Chat

    No one cant see my text on chat! I write and no one cant see ALL chat/Trade Chat/PM/CLAN. WTF ???
  5. PM Chat

    WTF ? What is the problem with my champion ?? ill wont write Privat Mess and he dont see my text.
  6. Tully Hellbound(Тулли)

    We went to the first floor and there had to be a teleport on 2,3,4 floors. But it's not there.
  7. Tully Hellbound(Тулли)

    you see in alt+b teleports on tully?