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  1. captcha

    thanks.. now its working properly
  2. captcha

    I reinstall the client, Download the patch again. and still not working. here another char of mine.
  3. captcha

    tried to my other char. and still the same.' jailed
  4. captcha

    still the same, now i got jailed again. cant we just try it in game? coz been spending 10 hours from jail now. and counting
  5. captcha

    ok i will try it. but im not playing any other server atm..
  6. captcha

    i ask my clanmate to report me. now im in jail again.. as you can see, thats the problem
  7. captcha

  8. captcha

    i got jailed for 2 hours how can i check it ? let some report me?XD
  9. captcha

    while i was farming, someone report me then captcha pops out. but the problem is, the numbers from captcha is all blank. how can i answer?