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  1. How many servers more?

    excellent video will make your crying in the chat, and then how shitty do you tick in adrenalin)
  2. How many servers more?

    You really subhumman mongoloid with 10 iq))) your friend is 10$ adrenalin key, the next time you get up on the bot, I will definitely take off the video)
  3. How many servers more?

    Come on, go back to the spot, I'll fraps how you standing and you fucked up
  4. How many servers more?

    I don't understand what the fuck are you talking about? rly. He stood on the bot, I interfere, and in your opinion, he will continue to stand on the bot without paying attention? I wrote his nickname, as the admin will appear, he will check and understand everything.
  5. How many servers more?

    I didn’t let him get on adrenaline for 30 minutes, all he had to do was cry in the chat, now he is gone.
  6. How many servers more?

    go work and buy adrenalin you retarded idiot? tp and check them, the screen proves that they do not deny that on adrenaline
  7. How many servers more?

    Geared gladiators with bot: Raizen / GuessWhat and their bps Daytek / Altaria https://i.gyazo.com/9f1ebcfb7abe57fcb2b2cd9eed6eb559.png