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  1. How many servers more?

    Felipa Deran Nelon Petor on imperial tomb all sph auto atacking nonstop for hours.
  2. AQ2/11/18

    GF man. Whats that interface and how can I have it? Looks pretty nice
  3. Where to farm!

    It would be nice to put this kind of information with a little but more detail in the website, bare in mind that our friend Tinrox it's only 1 of thousands of players that can migrate from Interlude to H5. Clear info will led to a larger player base, win / win
  4. How many servers more?

    I just saw a bunch of Kamael all moving together in a big group in Cemitery while I was lvling up. 100% sure they are on bot Here its the names: sini loca medi renewal sonar sinie swerf viy Please ban all acc by IP, should be the guys trying to farm adena for sell.
  5. Please keep us update of the response, really looking forward for this feature to buy premium acc
  6. Hello, I`m planning to buy a premium account but got some doubts about it, can you guys answer the following questions? In premium account is mentioned "Enchanted buffs: False" I'd like to know how can I get enchanted buffs, with premium account those ones shouldn't be enable? Or how I can get enchanted buffs? (If its not enable right now, please consider turning on, it would be a major improvement to Premium Acc and certainly people would buy it way more) On dragon VIP ticket, what is "Offline buff store"? please check image attached premiun.bmp
  7. Also, How .dressme system works? If I buy an outfit for 10DP, its permanently available to use? Other people are able to see or just me? In case of a weapon skin, if I change the weapon for other (ex, draconic bow to vesper bow) the skin still available?
  8. TheOtherSide

    English speaking clan?
  9. Hello, I just started to play on this server and I couldn't find any info regarding Subclass Certification Skills. Are they active? Max Sub-class lvl is 85? Top set is Elegia or Vesper? What is the bonus of Premium Account? Thx for the help, Regards.