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  1. banned for playing the game

    Haha GM was clan leader. Break any rules they want server massive decline
  2. Donation Black friday discount? // Olympiad

    Did the sale happen? Saw and heard nothing about black Friday sale and prices never changed
  3. Donation Black friday discount? // Olympiad

    Yaya black Friday discount! Is it going to be early or just on the day of black Friday? Just wanna make sure I dont miss it if I'm unable to log
  4. Weapon elements

    Hey everyone just curious on benefits from weapon elemental stones. Do certain classes benefit from certain elementals more then others? Example necromancer would gain more from dark on their weapon then other elements? Spell howler wind etc etc. Also for dagger class that doesn't have elemental damage would just earth or holy be the best? Guessing those 2 have the least resistance buffs for pvp. I'm playing a dwarf with dual dagger and also abyssal Walker ghost hunter adventure since they all share similar gear. I was planning to use Earth or holy depending which ones I can easily obtain the most of. I figure fire wind and dark people would have the most resistance armor sets build for. What's some people thoughts about what elements I should use?
  5. Where to farm!

    Okay that's a good start with information. What area would the vesper weapon quest be in? I know you can spoil for stuff but where would be some places with spoils for materials and recipes for vesper? Always been a problem with private servers is the complete lack of information towards obtaining stuff. I mean you got a real complex crafting system and zero information on where to start. Not to mention the multiple language barriers that exist in game!
  6. Where to farm!

    Hey everyone I love this server and version of L2. Spent most of time on interlude server with only S grade. I'm completely lost when it comes to this version. Where should I be farming to make steps towards S80 - S84 gear? I'm level 80 dagger and level 81 spell howler full S grade. I only know Catacomb and dragon valley. Not sure how to make enough arena for S80 sets so expensive! Also should I be trying to craft S80 stuff? I'm fairly confused:(.
  7. Keybinding

    Can't seem to change my keys from F1,F2,F3,F4 to just 1 2 3 4 etc.. I use to play on another lineage 2 server along time ago and I was able to change the bindings. Am I doing something wrong in the options?