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    I dont speack spanish but this what i undarstand is problem with summon, i check and summon fallow me
  2. Game login failed

    downlaod clean game from your web
  3. banned for playing the game

    Why you pick up AQ when your lider say dont pick. Go and kill alone if you want to take for you. HF GL
  4. Block All chat

    you promote othet servers or sell adena/items
  5. Vesper noble bugged

    Its with dressme bro
  6. Not working Dino shoulder 2

    suda ni4evo s status za4em eto fotku esli net status s seta ???
  7. Ботоводство

    Report names pls
  8. PM Chat

    Tell me your char name
  9. PM Chat

    i report to admin he will check
  10. Dp coins

    send me your mail in private pls
  11. BOT sod

    `write the names when report pls
  12. Dp coins

    char name in game ?
  13. PM Chat

    auto chat ban , for try sell adena, boting or something forbitden
  14. Bot in SOA

    report names pls
  15. debuffs

    Its not just warrior clasess bro, and debuffs land normal