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  1. BOT

    TY Can upload video next time pls, thank you
  2. system/dsetup.dll - Windows Defender

    may be you downlaod another server and try to play 2 servers in same time ?
  3. Again Hacking tools

    Its not server problem bro
  4. Admins removed my post about BOTs

    IDK bro i get right now 2
  5. BOTS

    I cant be 24/7 on but every hour i check zones
  6. Admins didnt ban bots

    first time i jail them 24h and give them chanse, second time is ban bro (for single bot)(if see party insta ban)
  7. farm and jail

    Stop use bot/clicker
  8. jail

    Guys stop asking questions like this, when you boting get jail and make post in 123123 hours dont help you really
  9. Jailed

    You use bot bro
  10. Summon divine beast in olys

    Its Legal, skill from 80 lvl (Certs/Transform)
  11. supposedly banned/ supuesto ban

    I answer you instant bro , problem is i cant tell you way cose i dont ban you
  12. supposedly banned/ supuesto ban

    Reasons for ban can be: boting,sell items, adena; insult staff, use programs
  13. Admins didnt ban bots

    Bro i jail 17 bots in 1h, use private masage. When you report here they see and stop bot, i cant ban someone who stay in vilage
  14. Problema con cuentas

  15. Admins didnt ban bots

    when you report them here they stop bot and i cant ban them , use private