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  1. Chat

    na etot serv est bot kto autoban chat esli tyi dumaesh pro sell adena ili drugom server, nu q uje reportnal na gm i on smotrit gde problem
  2. Chat

    rus 4to li ?
  3. Chat

    I mean before we got bot to autochatban
  4. Chat

    May be you promote other server or sell adena ?
  5. ERROR

    downlaod system from website. dont use updater
  6. Problem with the chat

    YOu have chat ban cose promote other servers or sell adena
  7. Client error

    hmhm I will try help you, if got any info will inform you
  8. Olympiad bug

    And its not matter about system calculate dmg. you just lose
  9. Olympiad bug

    man waht bug you dont even know how system work ... WHy so much drama ?>
  10. Client error

    Try this Download : https://github.com/hfiref0x/UPGDSED/releases/download/v1.1.2/patch_v1.1.2.rar - Run Patch.exe and FOLLOW instructions precisely!
  11. Client error

    DOnt put custom patches and you will not get erorrs
  12. admin even cares?

    Its for new Server man not for this to be GOD
  13. admin even cares?

    Man who tell you this server will be on God....stop make drama for this GOd client pls
  14. Боты

    They are reported