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  1. Hi, I wanted to know if on Black Friday/Sales week, is there gonna be discount on Donation Coin of some sort? And, On Olympiad is it possible to participate using a Sub-Class? or is it only Base Class?
  2. How to Play

    Hello! Ive been wanting to play but I can't manage it. I downloaded CLIENT and PATCH from site, then i extracted client 1 folder appeared "Lineage II High Five Installer" installed client, then on folder 'Lineage II High Five Installer' I extracted patch which has 'maps' and 'system' folders. Try to launch L2.exe from 'system' don't work! So what do I do it won't launch? please help. PS I looked everywhere for Linage II folder on program files and program files x86, NO Lineage II folder but game is installed. Thanks.