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  1. Server offline?

    preparing for Grand Opening check site countdown.
  2. Oly BUG Loosing Points

    we start and close oly yesterday and happened this on server restart.If you saw this again write us .
  3. Rewards 50contacts+= 50 FA 100 Contacts+ =80FA 150 Contacts+=100FA 1)Make mass conversation & add all your friends to it 2)Write as tittle L2Destiny.ws x50 Opening 25th October 3)Write on text www.l2destiny.ws x50 Opening 25th October.Best clans & best fights will be there cya at the big fights. 4) add l2destiny.ws skype to the mass conversation
  4. Server Info

    1) Box limit is 4 we will think about it but is good idea propably we can make it 3 2)8 need oly to start 3)AQ respawn window 19:00-20:00 gmt+1 (just 1 aq per day) 4)38% it is 5)Core orfen is 3 days 6)Beleth 7 days