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  1. Admins didnt ban bots

    if you see a party you do not do anything) I threw you 3 videos in private, and you didn't ban them, they still farm
  2. Admins didnt ban bots

    check private
  3. Open soa

    ++ Tell me already so that everyone knows about the SOA, hero WL has already left the server bcs SOA is closed
  4. Admins removed my post about BOTs

    I recorded a video, but you didn't ban them
  5. LOA train

    You are a weak troll, do not know what to write on the fifth message. Or "Stop crying" is all that is in your stupid brain? you are pathetic, dude.
  6. LOA train

    You probably have more IQ to run on all topics and write every day "Stop crying"
  7. LOA train

    I absolutely do not care about your CP and windofwar. Why do I need your excuses? Get out of the forum and stop making excuses, ure stupid.
  8. LOA train

    What are you talking about? This train sells adena, which reduces the lifetime of the server) I would not be surprised if this is your train and you defend it here rofl
  9. LOA train

    He still stands, and bans all lvl 1, who will come running to him WOW AHHAHAHAHH@H@H@H@H
  10. LOA train

    Its admin This dude just ran up to me and put me in jail for 60k days WOOOOOOW rly? so funny My party will no longer play here, it's trash
  11. LOA train

    NEW AFK FARM RMT TRAIN - UAZ , Gei , SHK , EARKT , BabaJaga , titrt , zelenayaVAGINA , greenVlagalishe , pizdarvanaya BabaJaga main name BadDmitrii (check title and twitch/baddmitrii) Sells Adena and kills the economy and the interest of the game on the server.
  12. WOW

    yep its 100% bot, all dc set train
  13. WOW

    @us3r @admin these are 100% bots - Adbol , Medicina , ql , phx , dowhile , Cochiloquita , truluPola , if