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  1. Chest hunt event changing

  2. Chest hunt event changing

  3. Chest hunt event changing

    I wanted to ask if you could change treasure hunt, so everybody would be able to play. Now players gets teleported in a place where killing gives you points and people clicking chests. Its kind of boring. I think it would be better event where an announcement appears that 3 chests just appeared in, for example, hot springs or cruma marshland or other big place and everyone would be looking for chests only. Every chest would give a reward or maybe an item where you have to open in your inventory to get a random useful item. After a player finds one chest, his name appears as an announcement that he found one and how many chests are left. You could choose a place to spawn the chests where monsters are not aggressive or just weak so the event wouldn't depend on the players equipment.

    About the events I would agree with deathmatch and team vs team as A grade only.