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    im wondering the same
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    PEG hello
  4. In last server I was not online until the second week roughly. I am not sure for how long you kept the bot hunting, but really Hellbound was shocking. Long time ago the game stopped being a "solo player" based where you could get everything on your own. The current chronicle is not meant to be played individually especially if we talk about pvp (olympiad apart) and endgame gear. The endgame is a "Must-Have Party" to enjoy a smart pack vs pack / masspvp for example. Parties are totally related to the best potential of H5 chronicle.
  5. Inferno Clan

    Lolol Inferno clan I was with you long time ago. You joining here with peg too?
  6. Dear Staff First of all I would like to remind that I write with total politeness and absolutely no intentions to offend or disrespect. I have read the suggested changes earlier this morning and I wish to share my point of view in behalf of a cp. Closing SOA for two weeks might be kind of an exaggeration if we consider Hard Freya will open before SOA. In addition, increasing the drop rates of HF does not help also the situation of the server. What I am trying to show is that a properly farmed HF with a cp we could get Elegias before Vespers? SOA in the meantime would be closed but HF is already farmable! That would make the proposed solution much worse than the problem itself. Moreover, I see you are trying to eliminate (or at least reduce) the population of bots, claiming that they are a problem for the server's economy. What about Hellbound? Did any of the Staff ever checked Hellbound? How many times I tried to find A SINGLE staff member to just eradicate e.g. Battered Lands (actually all hellbound is botoland), and never succeeded to get help (prime time also tried). Plains of Lizardmen is another issue, Giant's Cave is another problem, Gem Dragons is absolutely disgusting how you allow that to happen. If we have to follow this logic, most of the high end places should be also temporarily locked. There was a suggestion early written in this forum and has lot of sense. There must be much more reasons to spend adena in the server. Not just get adena to buy gear. Try to create a much more complete GMShop (the actual one I have to say is a bit boring). Like for example try to improve the medals/glittering medals shop: make them useful not just to buy a few talismans. Get new currencies for skins/accessories/custom items to enhance PVE for the solo's. Nothing else to add, at the moment. I hope you find a proper solution. Kind regards.-