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  2. Related to suggested changes...

    Truth we havent play much on last server so maybe there were some changes in hunting for bots, but if you were that succesfull in banning botters, why you wanna close SOA? Just ban the botters there also. As i wrote in my post in this section, SOA is place with the most early pvps, if adena sellers are problem there,, then just lower drop rate there or smthing, but disabling it isnt rly good idea. Afterall its best place to lvl up fast also, and not that easy to bot as at HB lets say. Placing whole server into MOS which is too small for everyone isnt good. Dont kill CP's farm by disabling SOA.. And to the part with better gm shop.. its best way to keep not that huge amount of adena on server. Let ppl to splash adena on things like some visual dresses, maybe add CP pots or smthing there, or maybe even put FA for sale with adena at dunno.. 15kk or so. Price FA always reach by time anyway.
  3. Changes

    I read about changes you wanna implement and in my opinion, and i believe not only my its hmm.. not helpfull. Closing SOA for 2 weeks? Reason? Most of the early pvps are made in SOA, you disable it cause CP's farming fast gear there? Where else should CP's farm then? Fighting bots in DV? Botters who farm early adena and sell it arent farming SOA in 1st days cause its well, either crowded with CP's or simply hard to farm there solo. Where from we'll get vespers? Spoiling in MOS? Or dropping full parts at instances/ 7rb? What about MW sets? We'll just have to donate them? I'm not saying its impossible to make sets otherwise, but for real? Whom you gonna help like this? Random solo players? Why you wanna kill CP's and help so much solo ppl? Its big clans who's keeping server alive, clans made mostly of CPs which make items and then have to pvp for epics etc. You trying to make a farm server? To sit 3 days in mos to craft sets for 1 pty? Ppl who join later can always catch up fast, if its ppl like you wanna help, then those just make tons of chars and farm instances to get gear. But why you punish CPs? Disable HB, DV, plains also then, since those are places with 90% bots, not SOA in 1st days lol. And you wrote you disable SOA for 2weeks and HF for 1week but increase drop rate after? Like rly? Either i'm stupid or it doesnt make sense at all? What about disable all mobs and keep instances only then? So all solo random instance farmers can have a supergear, but CP's which keeping server pvp active can fight in A grades.. I like an idea of trying to make server live longer, but thats not a way to do so. I understand SOA produce lots of adena and too much adena on server doesnt help economy, but why dont you simply implement some features to somehow get rid of adena from players? I dunno, make for example some ( not all ) dress me available for adena or smthing like this, to prevent ppl having 200b in inventory and increasing prices which kills also newcomers on server. Or make those Item brokers works, put there up to mid S84 items so ppl splash adena there also. But not disable SOA lol.. I didnt want to offend anyone, thats only my opinion .. regards