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  1. Summon divine beast in olys

    Hahaha! Of course it's legal! 😃😃
  2. Shield Deflect Magic

    I don't see any change on this ! Are you going to fix this bug ?
  3. wtf cheat or bug

    If some1 out of pt make last hit ,he gets the Quest Item, about drops is that one with more damage.
  4. Shield Deflect Magic

    With the same thoughts why dark panther or imperial Phoenix receive that buffs , physical mirror - iron shield (while you need shield for this to cast them) . That's not exist every single skill that must make character must receive panther or Phoenix too! Fix it ! That skill is bugged!
  5. Shield Deflect Magic

    Shield deflect magic should get panther/Phoenix too. In that case don't work right ! I have spam that bug almost in all servers ,you open ! Fix it please. Thank you in advance!