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  1. Soul of pain / aura flash

    That 2 skills ( soul of pain and aura flash) land rate is 100%. That means the target lost all the time or any skill you cast that time interrupt 100%. Check it this also.
  2. I wonder if there is a chance to increase the cool down of these 2 skills (steal divinity and cancelation ). Cause i saw highly that classes (soulhound , mystic muse , archmage) are increased more than previous time.
  3. Shield deflect magic

    Any news about this bug ?
  4. Shield deflect magic

    I have notice that, when i cast shield deflect magic my Dark panther dont get it that. Normally must get whatever skill i do. Fix it!
  5. Interface h5 files optimized for pvp

    Admin i dont understand why you dont add nowadays theses files that you have for pvp ,extra bars etc..
  6. Shield deflect magic

    Shield Deflect magic not working to pet , check it and fix it