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  1. Events

    Maybe you should add, besides the watch events, events like medals or pumpkins?
  2. Русскоговорящие есть. Играть буду 1. Если сольники нужны готов вступить в клан.
  3. Fishing

    Yesterday I tested fishing. Really it became easier to catch (although it may have seemed =)), but the drop from the fish is still small. Now, 5-10 items fall out and one of the total drop drop is dropped.
  4. Fishing

    so what? Correct fishing?
  5. Fishing

    Please increase the rate of fishing. Make an x20 rate. I tried to catch fish for coupons for a long time, I caught only 2, of which I got 4 items. Rates fishing x1? Make x20. The fish is hard to catch and it also falls on 4 items.
  6. opening

    Open on June 7th! No need to wait until 14 =)