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  1. Access failed

    those wont get unbanned
  2. Access failed

    try log now
  3. Access failed

    for botting
  4. Access failed

    access failed = means u are banned for botting on all your accounts.
  5. How many servers more?

    done, permanently banned, keep reporting me !

    banned him and all his accs
  7. How many servers more?

    all names that u report banned , ban on all accs + hwids + ips , keep reporting them to me guys, i promise ill take care of all! all that u posted are now permanently banned. keep write here ill check every day for bots!
  8. How many servers more?

    the problem is they always change ip + hwid
  9. How many servers more?

    banned all their accs + hwid +ip
  10. How many servers more?

    u can keep posting in this topic all bots/adena sellers u find, and i promise they will get permanent banned on all their accounts. fiiona and all his accounts are banned now
  11. How many servers more?

    thanks for report i have now banned him
  12. How many servers more?

    ill take care of it myself, thanks for report
  13. Can not Play

    alt + L inside the game and setup secondary password in order to play
  14. Hello guys, because SGuard did updates lately they have a very good protection for server and affected some players with patched guard disabled. How to fix it? Download : https://github.com/hfiref0x/UPGDSED/releases/download/v1.1.2/patch_v1.1.2.rar - Run Patch.exe and FOLLOW instructions precisely!