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  1. Oly BUG Loosing Points

    its because of the beta, olympiad is non stop in beta and thats why it gets bugged sometimes. we dont have such issues on live server
  2. Epics

    they spawn only at important hours, and i guarantee you even if would be at random times, top clans would still win it without any kind of pvp
  3. Open Beta is now ONLINE!

    yes ofc, atm u have free items on the beta store
  4. Epics

    and you think, other clans will win ? it will still be the same but less pvp. this is not good
  5. Yggdrasil

    stop spam other topics.
  6. olympiad 2 weeks maybe?

    make a polll, and we can do it
  7. make epic zone 1 client per pc

    its good idea, we will implement it
  8. Server rates

    x50 is liked by more ppl, even if the difference is not that big.
  9. Server Info

    fixed thanks
  10. Olympiad Period Time

    we can make a poll regarding this matter
  11. Server Info

    in what way ?
  12. Open Beta is now ONLINE!

    try now its up
  13. Download Client Bug

    https://mega.nz/#!IKoyTAyR!c0VbtfZ-G5YYxwWPgWW14hRbNmcgMYSr8YX3nI2bDAs https://fex.net/921906803432?fileId=855049007 https://www.mediafire.com/file/5nxz9lvixx00jxa/Patch_L2Destiny_.rar/file
  14. Open Beta is now ONLINE!

    we didnt add it yet, you have to wait
  15. Download Client Bug

    we added many mirrors check f5