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    Open on June 7th! No need to wait until 14 =)
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    So basicaly, a player names 0nbl4ck, exploides the bug that if a flagged players enters the train of a poler, the poler gets flag. Their is no other server where i get flaged with a poler with not pressing control with my atacks. It's super annying and persons like him exploides. Can you fix it? Can you ban them? The game is unplayable if you a dreadnought. We should not flag if we dont press enter, even if a player enter our mobs. Even spoilers suffer from this. Fix it or give us an aswer that you cant so we can change server.
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    overboosted daggers kill all robes on 1 backstab on olympiad without any debuffs whatsoever you just keep killing the servers and driving more and more people out of here with your idiotic features, you can't even specify grand boss respawns with hours on your own server close hard freya after your literally posted on forum you will open it after 1 week, what you did? nothing and put mid weapons into donte shop with low freya drop chance of 0,60% for mid weapon I seriously don't know if you are that dumb seeing less and less people each server or just greedy.
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    Are you banning these botters or not? Please advise.
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    Bot in ITLineage II 2019.06.25 - II 2019.06.25 -
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    Antharas lair, plague of bots ... 4 party full of bots, rly? gm's only reward .. Shot00000.bmp Shot00001.bmp Shot00002.bmp Shot00003.bmp Shot00004.bmp
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    Welcome to l2 destiny server :3
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    pk players that donated and have lvl 7 and begginers who barely have a and struggle to start their vesper weapons yeah i guess you never played hi5 in the first week mind you
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    You can pk/flag them and kill it
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    @us3r @admin these are 100% bots - Adbol , Medicina , ql , phx , dowhile , Cochiloquita , truluPola , if
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    yep its 100% bot, all dc set train
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    Don't you think Duelists are already OP enough?? Server balance is a thing in case you didn't know.
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    I wanted to ask if you could change treasure hunt, so everybody would be able to play. Now players gets teleported in a place where killing gives you points and people clicking chests. Its kind of boring. I think it would be better event where an announcement appears that 3 chests just appeared in, for example, hot springs or cruma marshland or other big place and everyone would be looking for chests only. Every chest would give a reward or maybe an item where you have to open in your inventory to get a random useful item. After a player finds one chest, his name appears as an announcement that he found one and how many chests are left. You could choose a place to spawn the chests where monsters are not aggressive or just weak so the event wouldn't depend on the players equipment.
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    Please increase the rate of fishing. Make an x20 rate. I tried to catch fish for coupons for a long time, I caught only 2, of which I got 4 items. Rates fishing x1? Make x20. The fish is hard to catch and it also falls on 4 items.
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    Well as you said those servers are only for money why you think same owner have 6 server and opens each every 30 days? Its fast money make good donations for 5days and they dont care about server they plan open new one
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    Greetings my dear admin staff, as much as i was excited for the new Destiny server i was also dissapointed that u havent done anything to the most cancerous class in the game - soulhounds. You can already see increased number of soulhound players simply because its broken as fuck. More and more people starting to abuse this class and it makes playing on your server not fun anymore. I wish you would make a few changes to balance this class. The easiest thing to do would be increasing reuse on their skills, at least steal divinity in olympiad mataches. Please let us know if you are willing to change anything.
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    With the same thoughts why dark panther or imperial Phoenix receive that buffs , physical mirror - iron shield (while you need shield for this to cast them) . That's not exist every single skill that must make character must receive panther or Phoenix too! Fix it ! That skill is bugged!
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    slh user detected?
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    Maybe its a good idea to update events.add more death matches,koreans and tvts.Make death match at nights like it was 2 years ago.
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    Dear Staff First of all I would like to remind that I write with total politeness and absolutely no intentions to offend or disrespect. I have read the suggested changes earlier this morning and I wish to share my point of view in behalf of a cp. Closing SOA for two weeks might be kind of an exaggeration if we consider Hard Freya will open before SOA. In addition, increasing the drop rates of HF does not help also the situation of the server. What I am trying to show is that a properly farmed HF with a cp we could get Elegias before Vespers? SOA in the meantime would be closed but HF is already farmable! That would make the proposed solution much worse than the problem itself. Moreover, I see you are trying to eliminate (or at least reduce) the population of bots, claiming that they are a problem for the server's economy. What about Hellbound? Did any of the Staff ever checked Hellbound? How many times I tried to find A SINGLE staff member to just eradicate e.g. Battered Lands (actually all hellbound is botoland), and never succeeded to get help (prime time also tried). Plains of Lizardmen is another issue, Giant's Cave is another problem, Gem Dragons is absolutely disgusting how you allow that to happen. If we have to follow this logic, most of the high end places should be also temporarily locked. There was a suggestion early written in this forum and has lot of sense. There must be much more reasons to spend adena in the server. Not just get adena to buy gear. Try to create a much more complete GMShop (the actual one I have to say is a bit boring). Like for example try to improve the medals/glittering medals shop: make them useful not just to buy a few talismans. Get new currencies for skins/accessories/custom items to enhance PVE for the solo's. Nothing else to add, at the moment. I hope you find a proper solution. Kind regards.-
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    We decide make few server changes to increase life time of server even more last server we reached 2 months by banning all players who used bot and by updating our economy system so prices will be cheaper for long time so new players always have a chance to catch old players. What new change gonna be on l2destiny? a) SOA will be closed for 2 weeks . Many Bot users & adena sellers using this spot to farm adena fast and other items like vesp,attri stones etc. Like this server economy progress too fast.Also many CPs(Constant parties) farming vesper and gears too fast with the help of this spot and again they progress faster than other players who playing solo etc. b)Hard Freya will be closed for 1 Week but we boost the rates and drop rate of it. Reason is elegia should be on late game if players have elegia set by first 2 weeks looking very bad for new players who joining and try catch up old players. Balance changes a)Soulhound nerf 10% pvp dmg /Soul of pain nerf losing target 15% b)Hero weapons fixed the stats will work how should be
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    NEW AFK FARM RMT TRAIN - UAZ , Gei , SHK , EARKT , BabaJaga , titrt , zelenayaVAGINA , greenVlagalishe , pizdarvanaya BabaJaga main name BadDmitrii (check title and twitch/baddmitrii) Sells Adena and kills the economy and the interest of the game on the server.
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    i sended few videos about bots and admin said only "+++" still in same spot botting here GG admin you dont give a sh1t about server!!
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    se vc olhar no chat vai ver que pgaguei 100kk de gold pra crafitar so akilo isso e aproveito roubo espero que tenho punição pra isso não e toda hora que agente presta atençao repara mais voces pode tomar providencias ou voces gosta de roubos engaçao
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    BOT at varka farming for 2 days straight now Name : NightBleeda Made 3 petitions , noone cares? She is farming right now , check her for the shake of god
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    so whats up with dc's?