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    make epic zone 1 client per pc so players will not use any bot at pvp etc
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    Why dont we have semi-pvp server ? Change this farming strategy, adrenaline users get full items in 1 week and than nothing..... 1. promote olympiad fights with special rewards, we have 10-20 guys at average playing oly .. just last day is busy 2. promote playing at events , or change that events rewarding system like 2 kill - 1fa or etc.. even if players get full skills fast they will have chance to reroll, you can add better events too 3. why we dont play for over enchant ? make it able enchanting safe weapons like that enchant with dp's but with event coins - like everyone will get coin if they patricipate - doesnt matter they win or not and after joining 15-20 event can upgrade armor or weap enchant. this will keep players playing at events and we will have fun... 4. and also after few weeks we have top freyas at donate shop- if players get their weaps +12+14+16 they will stay with vespers, donators still can buy top freya weaps and enchant max to 10 5. add vote coins or smthing that players will get if they stay online - like pc points, and can buy accsesories maybe ? 6. i belive that if we have this change - server life will extend trying oe playing at events and doing oly every night, its so booring after all that servers in a row doing same thing and just after 1 siege or losing epics big clans leave
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    Don't listen this fu**ing retard. DON'T REWARD VALUABLE ITEMS NEVER. Rewarding will destroy server, players will create a lot of characters and will be accumulate reward so fast. They will have full eq in 2 months and leave the server. Additionally it's provide that players who are not online all the time, will have too low eq compare to players which can stay online all day.
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    i have a suggestion that will keep players play longer on server.Well most of players dont have so much time like old days,so if you give them a daily reward and this reward is getting bigger after some good ammount of days that past you will win 2 important things. 1)keep players happy with a reward 2)keep them on server for longer time and that means server can last longer
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    olympiad 2 weeks maybe? it will help to have more daily pvp instead of 1 week press
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    well im tired in all h5 servers see glady/mages/tricksters/gks what about dwarfs spoilers/maestros they are useless as fack,what about titans never saw any of them on PVP.Make bladedancer,sws more worthy too make their debuffs land much to be worthy on server.
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    This rules =Pvp server 😂
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    i think you should run some events like 1v1 3v3 or even 9v9 on beta server for some rewards in live server it will give much fun
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    we will be here atm we are 3 cps recruiting 2 more skype:nikels99
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    i suggest you make spoilers more powerful ingame to remember old days of dwarfs, like boost spoil to be more worthy than make mage and farm etc
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