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  2. Problem login

    Hi guys i can t login why? I start in system folder for the lineage icon app , and try to create login but no work.... Said: you are currently loggin in....
  3. about server

    Btw we must have a topic here in forum or in starting page l2destiny.ws that we can see by our own if the server is open and if not when will be open!! {thats my oppinion :)}
  4. about server

    Anyone know is the server close for maintainance? When will be opened again?

    Wygląda że antyvirus zablokował.

    Download L2 from the site L2Destiny.ws
  7. Why dance of berserket only during 2 mins and not 2 hours like all the other dances/songs? Is this a bug or something?
  8. Why dance of berserket only during 2 mins and not 2 hours like all the other dances/songs? Is this a bug or something?
  9. This data is correct here? Anyone tested? https://l2under.com/data/subclass-certification-skill/
  10. Clan wont goto lvl 8

    Hello any GM active?
  11. banned for playing the game

    Haha GM was clan leader. Break any rules they want server massive decline
  12. Clan wont goto lvl 8

    Hello Gm, My clan name "Fatbstrds" is at lv 7 but it cannot goto lvl 8, could you plz fix it?
  13. LF CLAN FR / EN ?

    Bonjour, Je viens d'arriver sur le serveur, et je recherche une communauté de joueurs FR / EN, ou clan uniquement FR. Y'en a t'il par ici ? ^^ Vous pouvez me mail in game sur : steyn. Merci, Cordialement.
  14. banned for playing the game

    Well apparently you dont know what this game was all about in the past. I wish you luck and success on your server, You have done a good job so far, no hard feelings.
  15. Vesper noble bugged

    ohh! never saw that dressme options before now, thanks <3
  16. Lucky pigs doesnt work ?

    So whats up here?i even been at the pig at vos location..without any response from both of em . Please enlighten me up about it.
  17. whoisthatpokemon

    Hunter's song, dance of warrior, dance of the vampire. Top gladi eu here i guess.. Wut a shame
  18. banned for playing the game

    But why did you ban him? He didn't break a single rule of your server. That was just between his clan and him. If you do something wrong in your company, you don't get fired from the entire world.

    I dont speack spanish but this what i undarstand is problem with summon, i check and summon fallow me
  20. Game login failed

    downlaod clean game from your web
  21. banned for playing the game

    Why you pick up AQ when your lider say dont pick. Go and kill alone if you want to take for you. HF GL
  22. Block All chat

    you promote othet servers or sell adena/items
  23. Vesper noble bugged

    Its with dressme bro
  24. Not working Dino shoulder 2

    suda ni4evo s status za4em eto fotku esli net status s seta ???
  25. Админ, купил за ФА 2 плечо Дино и оно не работает! Верните FA 80 или зафиксируйте 2 плечи! Добавить только статистику набора +2 str и -1 con !!! Но эти характеристики не являются! +6.6% Патк +492 MaxHP +8 темно-защита +282 критический урон +2.95% критической скорости
  26. Vesper noble bugged

    Hi! I got vesper noble set and whenever I put it on it looks like Draconic set, if I take of any of the parts it goes back to looking like vesper, then I put it back on and voila, draconic set.. I do get the set bonus tho but i look like a noob..
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